Monster in law is an Australian American film which is directed by Robert Lketic starring Jane Fonda, Jennifer Lopez, Michael Vartan and Wanda Sykes. The screenplay is written by the Anya Kochoff and the original music score is composed by David Newman. The monster in the law of 2005 is the 23rd highest grossing film. Monster in law marks the return of Jane Fonda one the f feminist voices after the fifteen years absence in a big screen.  The monster in law casts Fonda as Viola Fields who is a veteran newswoman with an impressive career of Diane Sawyer and the morality of Cruella De Vil. In this film, Viola has a misfortune of being a woman in a culture that worships youth and in television business which puts the worship down.  Viola snaps after she learns about the replacement made by a twenty-year intern who had graduated from the cheerleading academy.   She was reduced to interview Britney Spears who claims she doesn’t support the Roe V. Wade because her assumption is boxing is too violent. Viola assaults 16 years old physically on television.  Jenifer Lopez is a fashion designer from California and meets Michael Vartan who is a doctor. Jenifer thinks Michael is a gay based on what Monet Mazur told her. Fonda becomes more violent when she learns that Michael has proposed to Jennifer. She tries all she can to drive Jennifer away.  But Jennifer catches on Fonda’s plan and fights back. On Jeniffer’s wedding day, Fonda turns up wearing white dress contrary to the peach colored dress which she was supposed to wear.  This leads to a confrontation between the two leading to Fonda saying that Jennifer will not be good to Michael. Later Jennifer calls off the wedding but before that happens  Ruby talks to Fonda and Ruby condemns Fonda saying she is much than Gertrude. Lastly, Jennifer and Michael get married and when Jennifer throws a bouquet Fonda catches it as Michael and Jennifer droves to enjoy their honeymoon. 

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