Rafferty Law is the eldest son of Jude Law and Sadie. Rafferty Law looks alike with his father Jude Law.  Rafferty Law was seen in the front row during the fashion weeks that was signed to the modeling agency. Rafferty Law has various people like Timberland, Dolce, Gabbana, and Dior. Rafferty Law knew how to have a good time just like his father Jude Law. Rafferty Law was seen making an exist  Dolce and Gabbana after the party which was held on Friday in presence of a new mystery woman.  Jude Law’s son left the bash in a pyjama styles which resemble that of a blonde stunner.  In regards to a new girl, Rafferty Law made an exist  Dolce and Gabbana with blonde mystery beauty after Friday party.  Rafferty wore a silk shirt and a robe comb which resembled pyjamas.  The mysterious beauty had worn floral silk that showed her slim pins and she matched it with a denim jacket.  They left London holding hands and they showed unity after the Rafferty wore a runway during the fashion show.  In mystery babe, Rafferty wore pyjama with his companion with inspired look s they left the party holding hands.  In twinsies, Rafferty looked alike with Jude Law his father who had futuristic robes in 2001. During the model brigade, Rafferty posed inside the party with Pixie Lott and Maddi Waterhouse.  The Rafferty ruled the catwalk during the rocking a powder blue tuxedo.  Rafferty Law was occasionally rocking a structured ensemble in the event wearing a charcoal grey shirt and a simple necklace.  Rafferty Law had a powder blue tuxedo on the power dresser.  During the blooming lovely, the floral prints were the order of the big day.  Rafferty was among Oliver Chesire Maddi Waterhouse, Jack Guinness and Isabel Getty who attended the event for Christmas Millenial.

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