California gun laws are rules and regulations that regulate how firearms and ammunition are sold, possessed and used.  California gun laws are very restrictive in the United States.  One obtains 5-year firearm safety certificate by paying a fee of $25, then submitting applicant facts to the State and one has to pass a written test proctored by the certified instructor.  Handguns sold must be legal in California that is they must be listed on the roster of the handguns certified for sale. The roster requires the manufacturers of the handgun to pay some fees and then give specific models for testing the handgun safety.  Private sale of firearms is done through licensed dealers.  California Supreme Court states that California gun laws are constitutional and this explicit guarantee the private citizens right to have or carry a firearm.  The assault weapons are not sold in California.  The possession of the assault weapons is prohibited without necessarily dangerous weapons permit that is normally received from California justice department.  The issuing of authorities in California ranges from a No issue on urban areas and a Shall Issue in rural counties.   California is not known to recognize the concealed carry permits from other States.  Non-residents are forbidden from obtaining the California concealed carry permit.  The enforcement of California firearms law varies widely in the State. San Francisco and Los Angeles enforce firearms laws.  The State law enforcement agencies include California highway patrol, California Department of justice and California Department of the fish and game. These agencies enforce the state firearms law in California. California gun laws prohibit all the counties and city authorities from enacting rules and regulations in regard to the registration and licensing of the firearms.   The gun sellers in California does not advertise the sale of handguns this is due to the California gun control bill which was passed in 1923.

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