California labor laws allege the violation of overtime pay, discrimination, and harassment. California is known as employee-friendly State in Unite State.  It has strict limits of working hours another provision which favors the workers. California labor law requires every employer to employee overtime unless there is an exemption at the rate of one and half times employee’s rate pay for hours worked for in an excess of 40 hours.  The California labor laws change through a ballot initiative, the court ruling, and passage of laws.  Its duty is to protect the workers. California labor code includes payment of overtime, meal and rest breaks, vacation laws and the tip pooling laws.  California laws regulate wages that make sure that employees or workers are not underpaid.  The law states that hours worked beyond eight hours a day are equal to overtime and the pay should be half the regular hourly wage.  In January 2016 the California minimum hourly wage was $10.  The employers are required by the law to give seven days written the notice.  The minimum wage increased to $10.50 per hour in January 2017 and it affected the exempt employees. 

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