Car seat law normally varies with the State and it is somehow complicated especially when traveling to different States.  The Alabama law which was updated in 2006 states that the car seat law applies to children of up to 6 years.  In Alabama convertible car seat is supposed to be used until the child is 5 years. The car seat law is set by States in the United States.  Car seat law is updated occasionally, therefore, is important to keep checking the laws from time to time. Parents are required to have their children in a well-installed car seat. Children must ride in an appropriate car seat in regard to age, weight, and height.  Read through the manufacturer’s instructions before installing a car seat or even before a child seats on it.  The approval of the car seat law is covered by the Federal government. The manufacturers manufacture the car seat according to the standards set by the Federal government.  The manufacturer self- certify the car seats to make sure that they comply with the set standards before putting them on the market.  Stay in a rear-facing car seat, the convertible and 3-in-1 car seat are examples of car seat available in the market.  The car seat experts and manufacturers usually recommend you use a rear-facing car seat until your child reaches the limit of the car seat.  The car seat law in State requires harnessed car seat until the age of 3-4 years, though there is still car seat for older children.

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