Due process of law is well known constitutional guarantee that normally prevents the governments from impacting the citizens in an abusive way. The due process of law includes procedural standards that courts uphold when protecting people’s liberty.  The due process of law traces its origin from Chapter 39 of the King John’s Magna Carta that provides that no freeman who will be seized.  Due process of law phrase first appeared as a Magna substitute in 1354 of King Edward statute.  The 5th and  the 14th amendments to the constitution guarantees that no person will be deprived of a life without the due process of law.  The due process of law requires the fairness in all government proceedings.  The laws should be applied equally without discrimination like gender, nationality, handicap or age.  In case of criminal cases, the fair procedures ensures the suspect is not subjected to unusual punishment.  Due process of law applies to trials, the parole hearings, and the administrative hearings. Both the basic rights and the protection inherent applies due process of law in Federal and State governments.

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