Family law is a legal practice that concerns the family relationships such as divorce, adoption and the child custody.  The family lawyers who practice family law normally deal with issues of divorce, child custody, and adoption.  Though some family law lawyers deal with the other matters like emancipation, paternity and not an issue related to divorce.  States have the power to determine the formal need for marriage in terms of age, legal capacity and gender. Most States do not recommend same-sex marriage.  States also govern the rules to be followed during the divorce process.  When studying family law there are some terms that you are supposed to know like prenuptial agreement, paternity, alimony, marital property and emancipation. Paternity cases are filed mostly by the mother to gain the support of the child from the absent father.  Sometimes father files paternity to have a relationship with the child.  Alimony is the allowance made to one spouse by the other spouse in support of the pending legal divorce case. The emancipation is a process in court where a minor becomes self-supporting, while marital property can be defined as the property that is acquired during the marriage and it is subject to division during divorce. Prenuptial agreement is the agreement that is made between a man and woman before they get married and this agreement gives future right of their property in the event of death or divorce.

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