Statutory law is the written laws that are enforced by the legislative body. The statutory law normally varies with the administrative laws passed by the executive agencies and the common law.  Statutory law is construed by courts while common laws are subject to the interpretation by the court.  Under the statutory law, the court is not in a place to read between lines of the statute in liberalizing its application.  Statutory law is entitled to usual processes of the legislation.  A bill is normally proposed and voted for, if the bill is approved, then it passes to the executive branch and if the executive signs the bills then it passes to a law as a statute. If the executive refuses to sign a bill, it is sent back to the legislature and if the legislature passes the same bill again by a set margin then it becomes a statute.  Statutes can be recorded, codified both in writing and publishing.  The statutory law becomes effective on a set date is written to the bill.

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