The 48 laws of power are the book written by Robert Greene.  48 laws of power are fast selling in the United States.  48 laws of power have sold more than 1.2 million copies.  The book has been translated into 24 languages. The Fast Company translated the book and called it mega cult classic while Los Angeles Times had discovered that Robert Greene had turned into a cult hero with hip-hop set.  The book is very popular with the prison inmates as well as celebrities.  Robert Greene came with an idea of writing 48 laws of power book when he was working in the Hollywood as one of the writers.  Robert Greene worked in Fabrica as a writer in 1995   and he met Joost Elffers who was book packager.  48 laws power has been often requested in American prison libraries. The book has been studied in the first year in United States colleges.  Curtis Jackson who is well known as rapper 50 cents approached Robert Greene with the prospect of the potential collaboration which would become 50th law.  48 laws of power were used by Busta Rhymes to solve problematic movie producers.  48 laws power has been mentioned in several singers in their songs like Kanye West, UGK, Jay z, and Drake.  Dov Charney severally quoted the laws during his speech in the board meetings. Dov Charney has given several copies to his employees and he has also appointed Robert Greene to the American Apparel Board.  However, Kirkus Reviews said that Robert Greene has no clear evidence to support hi worldview.

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