Administrative law is the type of law that covers various areas of practice in different governmental organizations. The administrative law carries out the law that is passed by the Congress or the State legislature.  If the Congress passes a complicated issue, then it seeks help to decide the details of how the law is enforced and implemented.  Social Security Administration is an agency that implements Congress’s social security and disability laws.  This agency receives the applications when people apply for the disability benefits.  It passes the rules that only people who deserve to help have benefitted. Business people and other citizens are advised to hire lawyers who have a clear understanding of administrative law. Administrative law is not easily defined. Various government and public programs run through various agencies and on different levels like Federal, State, County, and City.  The agencies can also be referred to as boards, the commissions, departments or divisions.  The agencies have their rules and regulations that are not found in statutes. The legal rulings done by administrative law judges have the governing authority like the precedent law.  Administrative procedure act governs the Federal administrative agencies.  States have laws that govern their administrative agencies.  Agency, hearing, code of the federal regulations, federal register and administrative law judge are some of the terms used in administrative law. Administrative law judge is the judge who hears cases on the specific agencies rules and regulations. 

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