Thousand young children die every year as a result of car crashes.  It is very important to keep children safe when driving.  Proper use of car seats minimizes the death rate in children. It is advisable for pregnant parents to have time to learn how to install the car seat properly before the baby is born.  When selecting the type of car seat you are going to choose for your child, you have considered the size of the child, age, and type of vehicle you have.  Before purchasing any car seat, parents should check the manufacturer’s recommendation for the greatest weight of a child.  In addition, always read manufacturer’s manual before installation of the car seat. The car seat is installed with vehicle seat belt or the LATCH system. A good seat belt lock should result in a tight fit. LATCH stands for lower anchors and tethers for children. LATCH is used instead of the seat belt and is easier to use in some vehicles. The vehicles with LATCH have a lower anchor that is located in the back seat where the seat cushion meets. Tethers are located behind the seat. The safest place to travel for all the children under 14 years is normally the back seat.  All toddlers and infants are recommended to ride in a rear-facing seat. Available types of rear-facing seats the convertible, 3-in-1and the rear-facing only. Before strapping the child to car seat, it is important to make sure that you have dresses your child in a thinner layer and wrap a blanket around the baby because bulky clothing might compress that might lead to increased risk of injury.  In an airplane, make sure that a child is securely fastened in certified child restraints, as this will keep the child safe during the take-off and landing. Children should use the booster seat until they meet the adult stage.

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