The civil law described the rules and regulations that relate to person, things and the relationship that develop among them.  This excludes commercial law, criminal law and labor law to name but a few.Civil law system can also be called continental legal systems.  The civil law system is found in all continents and the law covers about 60% of the world. The civil law originated from Europe.  Most of the features of the civil law are that its principles are codified to a preferable system and serve as a primary source of law.  The main purpose of codifying is to give citizens with the manners and the collections of laws that apply to them.  The civil law courts decide cases using the codal provisions. It was derived from Corpus Juris Civilis and was overlaid by the Napoleonic, the Germanic, the canonical and the local practices.  The civil law is based on the concepts, the categories, and rules that are derived from the Roman law. It has some influence on canon law and it is largely supplemented by the local custom and culture. The civil law promotes coöperation between the human beings. Civil law formulates the general principles and it distinguishes the substantive rules from the procedural rules. The civil law goes hand in hand with the inquisitional system though the terms are not synonymous.  Civil law is prescriptive than common law.

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