Marshall Law is a talented artist who is well known for owning a dojo and a restaurant.    Marshall Law got an opportunity of teaching his dojo when the announcement of King of the Iron Fist Tournament was made.  Marshall Law drew against Wang Jinrei and he later opened his dojo. After opening dojo, it was attacked and students were seriously injured by Dojang Master who was named Baek Doo San.  Marshall entered the King of the Iron Fist Tournament 2 where he would face villainous assailant and defeat them.  Marshall Law together with his son Forest ran dojo along a restaurant called Marshall China. Later Marshall’s son joined the tournament and started disobeying his father and as a result, Marshall forbid his son from fighting outside of dojo. Paul Phoenix is the Marshall Law best friend though they have argued more oftenly. Marshall found that Paul had got Marshall’s son to the tournament without Marshall’s knowledge. This lead caused a rift between Marshall Law and Paul. Marshall became a successful business person in the region. Unfortunately, he was declared bankruptcy after he lost the battle to a franchise.  Marshall Law got an opportunity to redeem himself after the announcement of 4th King of the Iron Fist Tournament. Unlikely, Marshall did not win the tournament. Prior to Tekken 5 events, Marshall Law stayed in Japan where he worked as dishwashers since he was deprived of money.  While in Japan, Marshall got a phone call from his wife informing him that their son was involved in an accident while joyriding motorcycle which belonged to Paul Phoenix.  Marshall decided to join the tournament in the attempt to claim the prize money to inlet his son medical bill.  Later on, Marshall Law was deported back to America after it was discovered he was in Japan illegally.   Then Paul Phoenix approached him and requested him whether he could team up with him together with Steve Fox in 6th tournament.  Though they did the best, they never emerged the top place.  Marshall Law entered the 7th tournament where his plans were to revive his dojo as he was a losing student. 

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