OHMS law calculator is defined as linear proportionality that exists between the current and the voltage that occurs in conductors of the electricity.   In the graphical representation, the voltage is always against the current on a straight line basis.  The gradient is always the resistance.  OHMS law can be expressed as V= I*R  when a current flows through a resistance. But if the voltage flows across the resistor, OHMS law can be expressed as I=V/R. if the current flows through a resistor but the voltage across the OHMS law can be expressed as R= V/I.  all these formulas are mathematically equal to one another.  The OHMS law can be well expressed when the constant wires are held together at a constant temperature.  Sometimes there is a big confusion between the definition of resistance which is expressed as V/I= R=Const and OHMS law. Note that OHMS law does not apply to any of the electrical components. This is a magic triangle that is used to calculate all formulas of OHMS law.

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