Sometimes stand your ground law has been criticized and nicknamed shoot first. Stand your ground law is also called line in the sand. Stand your ground law is a justification that is found in criminal cases where the defendants normally stand on their grounds.  The law is used to protect the defendants against the threats.  Defendants have the right to receive safety in the places they ought to be.  The defendant may use force in repelling the unlawful intruders.  Stand your ground justification is limited when there is an engagement of the illegal activities which are not entitled to help from the provision.  The castle doctrine states that every person has the right to reasonable force in protecting themselves against the intruders. The state law addressed the immunity of prosecution in using force against another in the 1980s. Florida passed a law that related to castle doctrine that states that no one has the duty to retreat their own homes.  About 24 States allow that there is no duty to retreat the attacker in a place where one is lawfully present.  The self-defense claims are not effective where the defendant has a safe retreat.  The stand your ground law eliminates all the retreat need of any place where the defendant has a legal right of being present.  In simpler terms, stand your ground is revocation of retreat duties.

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