Law is a system made up of rules and regulations that are created and enforced by the governmental institutions.  The law is a system that regulates person and makes sure that community adheres to the will of the State. The laws of a State can be made up by a collective legislature or even a single legislator which results to the statute. The law can also be made up by the judges through the precedent and by executives through the decrees and the regulations.  The private people do create legally binding contracts. The formation of laws is influenced by the constitution and the right encoded in it.  The law is known to shape the politics, economics, society and the history in many ways and it also serves as a mediator of the relations between many people. There are civil law jurisdictions and common law systems. In civil law jurisdictions the legislature and the central body codifies the law and in common law, the precedent made by judges are accepted as binding law.  Criminal laws deal with the conduct that seems to be harmful to the society.  The law provides the inquiry to legal history, the economic analysis, sociology and the philosophy.

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