When the internet was founded the founders had no inclination that one day internet could be used in criminal activities. Cyberlaw touches all transactions and activities that concern internet.  The cyber law can be called the law of the internet. Cyberlaw is part of a legal system that deals with the internet, cyberspace in connection with legal issues.  Cyberspace can b defined as the environment that involves interaction with software, services, and people.  The cyberspace is today used in business, government, information infrastructure. The cyber law covers several topics like freedom of speech, access to the internet, usage of internet and the online privacy.   Cybersecurity consists of technology that safeguards the computers, networks, and data from unlawful tampering.  The government of India provides a strategy called the National cybersecurity policy that protects both public and the provide infrastructure from the cyber attacks. Threats to cybersecurity originate from various sources and they send risks to the public safety, the security of the nation and the stability of the globally linked community. Sometimes it is hard to find the crime as the careless use of information technology is easily canceled.  Cyberlaw is very technical and does not have a bearing on activities that are carried out in cyberspace.  Some of the cybercrime categories are the crime against people, crime against property and crime against the government.  When the crime is committed against the government, it is meant to attack the government sovereignty. The cybercrime against the government includes hacking, pirate and cyber terrorism.  Cyber against property include the DDOS attacks, transmission of viruses, hacking, copyright infringement, vandalism, and cybersquatting.  Crime against people includes distribution of pornographic materials to children, slander, credit card fraud and human trafficking. The importance of cyberlaw increases every year as the cyber crimes increases.  The cyber law has been used severally to create privacy, particularly in the United States. 

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