Alan decides to protest against NHS reforms by placing a firebomb in his local hospital. He spends some time working on the bomb to ensure that there will be a delay before it is detonated, so that he can phone in a warning and allow time to evacuate the hospital. Having hidden the bomb in the hospital, he then decides not to ring the police to warn them about the bomb. The firebomb goes off. Evan is badly burnt in the fire. He is taken to a neighbouring hospital and requires a blood transfusion. Evan has an intense fear of blood, for which he was receiving psychiatric care before the bombing. He refuses the blood transfusion, and dies. Doris, a member of staff is present when the fire starts. Doris runs away, leaving behind a young child, Toby, who she was treating, because she can’t be bothered to carry him. Toby is severely injured in the blaze. He is kept on life support, unconscious, for six months before doctors decide to discontinue life support, whereupon he dies. Advise Alan and Doris on their liability for murder.