CASE-STUDY: Ameerika Singh and Ghori Ameerika Singh and his wife Ghori have been married for 15 years. They have a son, Televir, who is 8 years old. For the last few years, Ameerika and Ghori have had a number of violent arguments during which Ameerika has often been abusive to Ghori. He has taunted her about her looks and has threatened to leave her at the first opportunity that comes his way. Ghori suspects he is seeing another woman. One lunch-time, Ameerika returns home to find his lunch has not been prepared. Unconcerned that Ghori has not been feeling well, he starts another argument with her in which he tells her that she is an inadequate wife. Ghori feeling very upset, goes into the kitchen and, whilst she is making Ameerika’s tea, puts rat poison into the teapot. On returning to the dining room with Ameerika’s lunch and tea she places it before him on the dining-table. Ameerika is not happy with the food and angrily slaps her across the face making her mouth bleed. Seeing that the bleeding was not stopping and that the blood was spoiling the oriental carpet, he decides to take her to the nearest hospital. Later in the afternoon, whilst both his parents were out, Televir returns home from school. He notices that there is food on the table and thinking that his mum has left this for him, he decides to have his tea. Almost immediately, he begins to feel sick and starts to vomit. An hour later Televir dies. The next day both Ameerika and Ghori are arrested by the police. Advise the parties