CONTRACT LAW CASE STUDY / SCENARIO FILE 1 Khalil has decided to purchase a brand new car for, .Sobia, on the basis that she spends five hours studying a day on her A’level examinations. Khalil has entered into a contract the garage so that he can collect the car the day before Sobia’s birthday. He arranged for the car to to be registered in Sobia’s name and the free insurance which was offered with the car has also been registered for the benefit of Sobia. The car was not ready to collect on the agreed date. Khalil has gone on holiday and Sobia, who has still not received the car, is attempting to enforce the contract on her own behalf. Can she do this? Prepare a report a report for the attention of the senior legal adviser stating the results of your research and the advice that you intend to give. The report should focus particularly on consideration, privity (including the effect of recent legislation) and intention. FILE 2 Gemma is 16, and is an ice skater and has signed a contract with a company that organises dance shows and performances on ice. This will involve her travelling to various parts of the world on tour. She will be paid a reasonable amount and the contract stated that she will be supervised at all times by a supervisor and not allowed to socialise outside the dance group. Gemma’s mother, Margaret has called in for advice. She wants to know whether this contract is enforceable. Also, Margaret’s husband Matthew, is recovery from a nervous breakdown. Is he free to enter into any contract without restrictions?