CRIMINAL LAW ASSIGNMENT 1 Question 1: Role; You are a Legal Assistant at Slick, Sharpe and Greasee Solicitors in Bradford West Yorkshire. You have been instructed by Khotha your supervisor to prepare a report on the following case scenario: Scenario: Callous and Julia are the parents of Samantha, a newly born and severely handicapped baby. Both parents instruct the doctors in the hospital where Samantha is kept to give her no more treatment. They say that if she is not allowed to die, they will not take her home and care for her. The doctors reluctantly agree to withdraw treatment and Samantha dies. Tasks: a. Advise Callous and Julia of their criminal liability. b. Advise the doctors and the Health Trust of their criminal liability. c. If criminal proceedings are brought against the above mentioned on whom will the burden of proof lie and what standard of proof will be required to discharge the burden. Question 2: Role: You are a Assistant Prosecuting Officer and have been instructed by Gettum, your supervisor, to prepare a report on the following case scenario: Scenario: David is the manager of a local textile business. He is married to Maggie the owner of Eatwell House, a local restaurant. At present David is having an extra marital affair with Lucy, a waitress at Maggie’s restaurant. One evening at Eatwell House, whilst Maggie and David were celebrating their wedding anniversary, Maggie discovers that David has not been faithful to her. He had even planned to leave Maggie and go abroad with Lucy. In a fit of fury Maggie hits David head with a frying pan and David starts to bleed profusely. Lucy runs to help David but Maggie pushes her out of the restaurant.Maggie tells her that she is sacked and should stay away from both Eatwell House and David. Tasks; a. Advise Maggie as to her criminal liability in respect to the injuries caused to David. Which offences do you think Maggie may have committed? b. What offences if any did Maggie commit in relation to Lucy? c. If criminal proceedings are to be brought against Maggie what type of evidence will be important to prove the case?