CRIMINAL LAW ASSIGNMENT 2 Question 1: Role; You are a Legal Assistant at Cash, Green and Money Solicitors in Bradford West Yorkshire. You have been instructed by Greed your supervisor to prepare a report on the following case scenario: Scenario: Crook is having financial difficulties. He decides to rob the Bradford Royal Bank. Crook informs Andrew about his intentions and asks for his help, saying that they will share the proceeds. Andrew says that he will be very happy to help and would want 50% of the proceeds for his assistance. The next day Andrew, informs the police of the proposed plan. Crook is arrested. Tasks; a. Advise Crook of his criminal liability. b. Advise Andrew of his legal liability. Question 2: Role; You are a Assistant Prosecuting Officer and have been instructed by Killum, your supervisor, to prepare a report on the following case scenario: Scenario; Jack a local club owner is married to Jane who works as an instructor at Body Fit First, the local keep fit centre. One day whilst both are having a row Jack swore at Jane and threatened to kick her out of the house. Jane became angry and punched Jack. She had not foreseen any serious harm resulting to him. However, to Jane’s surprise, Jack falls over and fractures his spine. Tasks: a. Advise Jane as to her criminal liability in respect to the injuries caused to Jack. Which offences do you think Jane may have committed? b. What offences if any did Jack commit?