EMPLOYMENT LAW ASSIGNMENT 2 SITUATION You work as an associate legal adviser at the practice of Mancer and Sahdow. There are currently a number of files on your desk which require your urgent attention. File 1 Gillian Hitchen is 32 year old, a divorced mother with three young children. She has been working in the factory at Segar textiles for the last three years. To boost her Income, 6 months ago, she also took on casual work as a “Singing telegram” lady who does an exotic dance and sings a greeting at birthday parties and other celebrations. As Gillian is a rather attractive and very sociable lady, she earns good money doing this second job, and she regularly tells friends about the “goings-on* at parties she attends. She is also well known at Segars for being a bit of a flirt, and she has had brief affairs with several male employees younger than herself. Last week, there was a leaving party for Tracy, one of Gillian’s friends at Segar. This party was held in the company social club one evening after the day shift had finished working. At one point during the evening, Gillian was walking down the dark corridor towards the toilets, when she heard a voice behind her say “Hi there, busty”, and two hands grabbed her bottom and squeezed hard. This turned out to be Terry Tudor, a not very handsome technician, whose advances Gillian had rejected a few days before Although this incident was not seen or heard by anyone else, Gillian now says that she found the experience deeply upsetting. She decided to go and see the Company personnel manager the next day to complain. However, he simply told Gillian not to be a silly girl and to just accept that under party conditions .people will get a bit frisky and over-familiar. Gillian is now seeking your advice. You need to write a letter to her, to explain The legal situation, indicating whether or not she has any basis for a claim against Segar textiles, and if so, what remedies are available to her. FILE 2 You have been invited to be a guest speaker at the next meeting of the local Law society. The topic will be the recently introduced Employment Equality (Religion or Belief) Regulations 2003 .The detail of your brief is as follows : Prepare brief notes for a presentation which will: i) Outline the steps which employers need to take in order to meet the requirements of these regulations ii) Explain how you would judge the effectiveness of these regulations, and the systems and procedures for their enforcement Note – in your notes, you should take account of the implications of these regulations for Human resources management and the need for employers to manage a diverse workforce in a positive sense File 3 Until two months ago, Jim Jones was a machine operator at Bogley Nuts and Bolts. He was employed there on regular repeating temporary contracts, each of which lasted three months. There was then a gap of approximately one month between contracts. In total, Jim has worked for Bogieys for two and a half years. One day, on arriving at work, Jim told his supervisor, Ken Keenan, that he had just won £10,000 on a scratch card, and that he would shortly be booking a great holiday for himself. At lunchtime, Jim was late back from his meal break. Ken noticed that Jim was laughing rather loudly, his speech was slurred, and he smelt strongly of beer. Ken quickly called two security staff, who escorted Jim to the office of Chris Wision, the Personnel Manager. Chris told Jim that coming to work under the influence of drink amounted to gross misconduct Therefore, he would have to be summarily dismissed, and he should leave the premises immediately It is now two months since Jim left BogSey s. and he has not yet received any pay in lieu of notice. You need to write a letter to Jim advising him on any possible claim(s) against the company in relation to his termination of employment and the lack of payment in lieu of notice. You also need to comment about any possible remedies available to Jim where particular claims can be established.