Henrik wishes to set up some trusts The following are clauses from the trust deed. My three Picasso paintings to my trustees with one painting to be held on trust for my daughter, Elizabeth, (whichever she shall choose), and the remaining paintings to be held on trust for my son Samuel. A sufficient sum of money is to be held in trust to provide a reasonable income for my wife during her lifetime and while she remains unmarried and an adherent to the Lutheran faith. On my wife’s death, the sum of money is to be divided between my old friends still living or their relatives in such proportions as the trustees, in their absolute discretion, shall decide. £3,000,000 to my trustees to hold for in trust for the benefit of my children Elizabeth and Samuel, with power to apply up to 30% of the net income from the money for making, at their absolute discretion, grants to or for the benefit of any of the employees or ex-employees of my company, Slate Ltd, in such amounts and at such times as they see fit. £2,000,000 to my trustees for the benefit of all of the people who live in Devon and Cornwall. The bulk of the residue of my estate to my trustees to hold on trust for my niece, Megan, until she reaches the age of 21. Unfortunately Elizabeth is extremely ill and is not expected to live. Henrik is the majority shareholder in Slate Ltd, which currently has 260 employees in Truro. Discuss these provisions with critical consideration of decided cases.