Jim Hawkins purchases from Mrs Dunraven the fee simple in Hispaniola, a spacious property with large grounds located in Petertone- super- Michael, a quiet Glamorgan village. The title is registered. When Hawkins moves in he discovers that William Bones, his neighbour, is claiming that he (Bones) has a right to cross the rear garden of Hispaniola. When Hawkins questions him as to proof of this, Bones replies and that he and his family have been doing so for many years and have always had an informal agreement with the owners of Hispaniola to do so In the far corner of Hispaniola’s grounds, is a small cottage, Benbow Cottage and Hawkins subsequently discovers that Mrs Miggs, Mrs Dunraven’s cousin, hold a ten year lease of these premises To the other side of Hispaniola, lies ‘Pieces of Eight’ a thriving antique business owned by Jonathan Silver, who is claiming that Hispaniola is subject to a covenant prohibiting business use. Hawkins, who has considered using at least of Hispaniola as luxury holiday lettings is dismayed by this The main reason for Mrs Dunrven’s sale of Hispaniola was that she had ended her relationship with her boyfriend, Livesy. Livesy is claiming that he paid the deposit when Mrs Dunraven purchased Hipsaniola and is now seeking to regain at least some of this money Advise Hawkins as to whether and on what basis he is bound by any of the above claims.