LLB Land Law Case Study 70% In 2008, Daniel owns a large detached house, divided into two self-contained flats, title to which is registered in his sole name. In anticipation of an overseas posting, Daniel had advertised for a tenant for the upper flat and entered into negotiations with Lisa. Unfortunately, they could not agree terms but, on payment of a deposit, Lisa was allowed to occupy the flat while their solicitors negotiated an acceptable lease. Meanwhile, Daniel agreed in writing to sell the bottom flat to his daughter Carrie should he be posted abroad. Hearing of Daniel’s possible departure, Derek, his neighbour, asked whether he could use Daniel’s drive for easier access to his large double garage. Daniel readily agreed, provided that Derek pays for resurfacing of the drive. Derek employs contractors and the drive is completely resurfaced. On hearing of his overseas posting, Daniel realises that he needs to raise some capital. Sarah, his mistress, is willing to buy the property at much more than his daughter could ever afford. Realising that Carrie has not registered her interest, he sells the entire property to Sarah by registered disposition. Sarah wishes to re-convert the house and asks Lisa to leave. She also erects a fence preventing Derek from using her drive. Carrie hears of the sale and seeks to enforce her right to buy the bottom fiat against Sarah. Advise the parties.