Mumbridge plc is a pharmaceutical company manufacturing a range of pharmaceutical products including Zaba, a pill, which is sold to University lecturers to boost their energy levels. The Zaba is sold exclusively via a chain of chemists shops Tilalot Ltd. Tilalot is a wholly owned subsidiary of Mumbridge plc. James a lecturer has purchased the Zaba from the Cambridge branch of Tilalot Ltd and used it according to the instructions on the packet for 12 months. James likes to drink al least five cups of coffee a day. He recently suffered a nervous breakdown and is not expected to make a full recovery. Newly published research has shown that the Zaba can cause depression if taken by someone drinking more than four cups of coffee a day. Explain the three elements of the tort of negligence and advise Mumbridge plc whether it is likely to be liable to compensate James who claims the company has been negligent.