On Monday, Jane & Louise, members of the local tennis club, are discussing the possible sale of Jane’s mobile home. Jane is intending to emigrate to New Zealand and therefore tells Louise: “You can have it for £14,500 provided you can arrange for its removal by this Friday”. Louise says that she will think about it. Discuss the contractual position between Jane and Louise in the following three separate situations. 1 – Louise signs a contract with LegIt & Co to move Jane’s mobile home on Thursday to a new site. Louise posts a letter of acceptance to Jane on Wednesday, at 5.00pm. On the same evening Jan telephones Louise to say that she has changed her mind and will not be selling. 2 – On Thursday Louise e-mails Jane at work and formally accepts the offer of sale at £14.500 but adds: “I suppose there is no chance of moving it on the Saturday instead?” Jane only reads the e-mail after leaving a recorded message on Louise’s answering machine in which she withdraws her offer. 3 – On Wednesday Louise, is told by a member of the local tennis club that Jane’s application to emigrate to New Zealand has been refused. Louise immediately sends a fax to Jane’s place of work in which she accepts Jane’s offer. It transpires that Jane had sent a text message to Louise’s mobile phone, which read: “Sorry but the mobile home is no longer for sale.”