PROBLEM QUESTION FOR LW601 ADVANCED CRIMINAL LAW (2015/16) Paul and Donna have been married for seven years. The marriage has been in difficulty related to the fact that they have been unable to have children. Donna has developed depression for which she now takes medication. Paul begins having an affair with Jane, who soon becomes pregnant. When Jane is eight months pregnant, Paul comes home and tells Donna that he has been having an affair. He declares that he is leaving her for Jane, ‘who, unlike you, is not a barren, whiny woman’. Donna is distraught and sits at home, brooding on her fate and forgets to take her medication. Later that night, having found details on Paul’s Facebook page, Donna goes to Jane’s house. She pushes a lighted rag through the door. The house catches fire. Paul dies instantly while Jane is brought to hospital critically ill due to suffocation. She goes into labour and the baby is delivered. Moments later Jane dies. The baby survives on life support for three months before dying. Discuss the criminal liability of Donna for the deaths and any defences that might apply.