Problem question (Part 1): Adam says to his work colleague Colin: ‘if you drive my pet Doberman, Brutus, to Sydney I will pay you $3000’. Colin says nothing. Three days later he drove Brutus to Sydney. Brutus became very car sick during the trip because of Colin’s erratic driving. (Brutus had never been car sick before on long drives.) On arrival in Sydney Brutus was so dehydrated from car sickness that he had to be taken to an animal hospital. This required Adam to pay $1000 in veterinary expenses. Adam refuses to pay Colin $3000. (i) Has any contract been formed here? If so how was it formed and what are its terms? If not, explain why no contract has been formed. Administrators comment: This coursework was completed as part of an LLB Law degree programme outside of the UK. (Australia – Masters year 1) It has been added to the database due to it’s high quality. Generally speaking only work completed within UK Law courses is accepted.