Problem Scenario Heera and Ian started living together in October 2010 during their first term at university. Heera became pregnant almost immediately and left her course at the end of term. Ian also abandoned his studies at the end of his first year so that he could support Heera and their child Abdul. He now works as a motorcycle courier. Both sets of parents were very upset by this. Heera’s mother, Mrs Mohamed, who was 59 offered to take early retirement from her job as a teacher and be an unpaid childminder so that her daughter could return to her studies. Heera agreed and returned to university in October 2011 when Abdul was 3 months old. Mrs Mohamed looked after Abdul every day in term time, took him to her home on some weekends to allow Heera to complete assessments and had him to stay for 2 months each summer. Ian was not happy about these arrangements, he did not get on well with Mrs Mohamed and thought that she spoilt Abdul. Ian’s parents refused to have anything to do with Heera, their son or their grandson. In November 2013 (almost 2 years old), whilst Abdul was staying with Mrs Mohamed, Heera and Ian were involved in an accident. Heera was killed and Ian was seriously injured. In June 2014 (almost 3), when Ian had recovered, Mrs Mohamed refused to return Abdul saying that he was now settled with her. Ian went to Mrs Mohamed’s house, threatened her and took his son. He is now refusing to allow Mrs Mohamed to visit Abdul. Ian is currently unemployed. Advise Mrs Mohamed who wants Abdul to return, or if that is not possible, to see him regularly.