Thomas is cycling to work early one morning when he is knocked down by William, a speeding motorist. As a direct result of the serious head injuries that he sustains in the accident, he undergoes a dramatic personality change, turning from a quiet and mild-mannered man into an angry and aggressive thug. One night, 6 months after the accident, Thomas and his wife Angie have a heated argument, during which time she tells him that she has decided to leave him. In a state of fury, he strikes her and immediately storms out of the house and hijacks the first car that he sees on the road. He pulls Joey, the terrified owner out of the car and drives off at speed. Joey’s had just been involved in a street race and, at the time of the hijacking, his car was being tracked by a police helicopter. Within minutes of driving off in Joey’s car, Thomas hears police sirens behind him, and he starts to drive recklessly through a busy residential area. With the police in hot pursuit, he continues on in this manner for a further 5 miles, before he finally loses control at a roundabout and crashes into a crowded bus shelter. Lucy and Mena, who were standing at the bus shelter, suffer fatal injuries. Later that night, while under police guard at the local hospital, where he is being treated for minor injuries, Desmond sneaks off to the toilet and hangs himself with the cord from his dressing gown. His body is not discovered for several hours. Discuss the rights and liabilities in tort of each of the parties involved.