TORT LAW ASSIGNMENT 1 TASK l Mr. and Mrs. Duckworth are the proprietors of a hotel in Weatherfield. One of their former guests Peter Barlow checked out of the hotel last week, but Mr. & Mrs. Duckworth discovered that he had stolen a number of items from the hotel room, for example table lamps and coffee tables. Also he had disturbed other guests when he returned to the hotel intoxicated one evening. Mr. & Mrs. Duckworth decided he is no longer welcome at the hotel and informed him of this. Despite this Mr. Barlow walked into the hotel last week and attempted to book a room. Mr. and Mrs. Duckworth refused and on his way out Mr. Barlow tripped on a loose wire and sprained his ankle. Mr. Barlow has informed the Duckworths that he will be taking action against them for occupiers liability. Mr. and Mrs. Duckworth have requested advice relating to this. Can they really be sued when they made it clear to Peter Barlow that he was no longer permitted on the premises? Your supervisor has requested you write a report relating to this. TASK 2 Mr. and Mrs. Duckworth employ a number of people at their hotel. Last week the chef, Betty Turpin was particularly busy and asked the waiter, Todd Grimshaw, for assistance. Due to confusion in the kitchen Betty accidentally used sour milk in the sauce she was making. Also, Todd gave food containing dairy products to Norris, a customer with an allergy to dairy products. The Duckworths were aware of his condition and had assured Norris that his dietary requirements would be catered for. Another customer suffered food poisoning it is thought due to the food cooked with sour milk. The Duckworths have requested a letter clarifying the situation. Your supervisor has requested you write a letter to the Duckworths advising whether they will be liable for the actions of their employees. Explain what strict liability is and explain whether this applies to them. TASK 3 Mr. Duckworth visited your office yesterday to ask whether the behaviour of Todd Grimshaw could be his responsibility. He is often playing practical jokes and yesterday deliberately tripped up Betty in the kitchen who was carrying hot water at the time. Both members of staff were burnt and Betty is suing Mr. Duckworth as she feels it is his responsibility to employ competent staff. Your supervisor has requested you write her a memorandum explaining how you think the law applies to this scenario.