CASE STUDY Ann has become pregnant at the age of 40. On the advice of her doctor she underwent an amniocentesis at Erewhon General Hospital. Claire, a doctor employed by Erewhon General Hospital to carry out diagnostic tests, negligently failed to ascertain that Ann’s foetus suffered from a chromosomal disorder indicating Down syndrome. Ann gave birth to Ben, who did in fact suffer from Down syndrome. Had Ann been advised correctly about the results of the amniocentesis she would have been given the option of a lawful abortion, and would have taken that option. Advise Ann on her claim against Erewhon General Hospital for the full costs of bringing up and looking after Ben for the duration of his expected life i.e a wrongful birth claim, and Ben on his claim against Erewhon General Hospital for the loss he has suffered in living his life in his disabled condition i.e a wrongful life claim.