CONTRACT LAW CASE STUDY Use your knowledge of the law of contract to provide suitable advice for the following scenario in 400–600 words. Mary has been employed as a junior surveyor by Dexter & Sons Chartered Surveyors for the last two years at their Axminster branch. Dexter & Sons has four branches in the county. She has been offered a new job, which she wants to accept, but is unsure of her legal position because her contract of employment included a clause which said that a. for a period of six months following termination of employment she would not solicit custom from people or companies which had been a client of Dexter & Sons; and b. during that six-month period she could not work as a surveyor within five miles of the market town of Axminster. Her new job would be in the town of Texford, a distance of three miles from Axminster. Advise Mary whether the contractual provisions bind her.