Manuel is the current owner of Tripartite Farm. In 1994 Manuel sold (in freehold) part of the farm, known as Big Field, to Johan. In return Johan covenanted on behalf of himself and his heirs and assigns forever that he would build no more than one dwelling upon Big Field and that the land would not be used for anything other than a private dwelling. In 2006 Manuel leased part of Tripartite Farm, known as Small Field, to Tarquin for 15 years. In the lease Tarquin specifically covenanted that: “Rent shall be paid promptly on the first working day of each month”; “No demand for rent shall be necessary”; and “Breach of any of the covenants in this lease shall entitle the landlord to forfeit the lease.” To date both Johan and Tarquin have complied fully with their commitments to Manuel. Manuel now wants to sell (in freehold) Tripartite Farm (including Small Field). Jorge is interested in acquiring Tripartite Farm but is concerned that if Johan breaches his freehold covenant and/or Tarquin stops paying rent then he might have no capacity to enforce the covenants (given that he was not an original party to either agreement). Question Explain to Jorge if (and how) the law will allow him to enforce these covenants in the event of breaches by Johan and Tarquin. Cite relevant legislation and case law to support your answer.