Problem Question: Scenario – Andy is a famous married footballer who has several lucrative advertising deals due to his family image. A year ago Andy had an affair with Beth, a famous model. Andy has heard that Beth plans to publish details of their affair in her autobiography. Andy visits Beth and pleads with her to remove any reference to him and their affair. Beth gives Andy a cup of tea and tells him there is nothing she can do as the books are in the publisher’s warehouse and will be sent to retailers for sale shortly. Andy is very upset about this and screams, ‘I will make sure that no-one sees that book, even if I have to burn every last copy.’ Beth just laughs at Andy. Angry that Beth is not taking him seriously, Andy decides to throw the remainder of the tea in his cup over Beth’s favourite painting. The tea does not hit the painting, although it hits Beth’s designer wallpaper instead. Andy goes directly from Beth’s house to the publisher’s warehouse with a can of petrol. The door to the publisher’s warehouse is open and there are lights on inside. Although there are lots of piles of books, Andy quickly finds Beth’s autobiography, douses the books in petrol and sets the pile on fire. The books burn quickly and the fire spreads to other piles of books in the warehouse. Andy panics and runs off. Beth arrives at the publisher’s warehouse to warn the staff about Andy and sees the large fire. She takes out her mobile phone to call the fire brigade but it has no battery life left. She runs in quickly to look around for a telephone but does not see one. Beth shouts for help but no staff appear. She picks up a brick and smashes a nearby glass cabinet that is protected by a burglar alarm because it contains a valuable first edition of ‘A Christmas Carol’ by Charles Dickins. When the alarm sounds, the warehouse staff emerge from a meeting, realise that there is a fire and escape unhurt along with Beth. Advise Andy and Beth as to their criminal liability, if any.