Use your knowledge of the law of contract to provide suitable advice for the following scenario in 400–600 words. Rose and Daisy place an advertisement in the local newspaper advertising the opening of ‘Fleurtations’, a florist shop in the high street. The advert states that the first three customers who make a purchase of £30 will be entitled to claim a free bouquet of flowers. George is the first customer and he makes a purchase worth £35. As he is leaving the shop he overhears the second customer asking for the free bouquet of flowers, and so he returns and demands his free gift as the first customer. Rose refuses to give George the free bouquet saying that the advertisement was not intended to be taken seriously and, further, he should have asked before completing the transaction and he is now too late. Meanwhile, Steven has selected a basket arrangement of flowers which has a price ticket of £9.99 and takes it to the cash desk where Daisy tells him some children have been mixing up price tickets and that the basket arrangement is in fact £29.99. Steven says he has a right to purchase the flower arrangement for £9.99. Advise George and Steven as to their legal positions.