10th Oct • Edward – strawberry farm owner, publishes the strawberry sale • Rothum Stores want to buy it and leave a voicemail message on Edward’s phone. Offer : 2000 Kg strawberries for 3.50 Pound / Kg 12th Oct • Edward places a counter offer stating that he is ready to sell the strawberries at 4 p/ kg , and places a time limit 14th Oct • Store sends a fax to Edward , placing a counter-counter offer stating they would pay 3.80/Kg , payable in two months’ time • Edward doesn’t respond to fax; instead sends a letter of revocation ; letter gets lost in the post 16th Oct • Store learns from 3rd party (twitter) that Edward closed a deal to supply strawberries only to Davidson Fruimart • The store sends a letter of acceptance to Edward accepting Edward’s counter offer. • They sent a fax, to reiterate the acceptance. • The letter is wrongly addressed to Davidson Frui-mart and isn’t received by Edward 25th Oct • Edward reads the fax, after he returns from the holiday The Rothum Store sues Edward for breach of contract. Advise the parties.