The administrative law judge serves as the independent triers informal proceedings that require decisions on record after an opportunity of hearing has been granted. Administrative law judge prepares and presides the formal proceedings that are required by the statute to be held in the accordance with the provisions of APA, the codified in the relevant part.  The functions of administrative law judge were created by Administrative Procedure Act. The main aim was to make sure that there is fairness in the administrative proceedings in the Federal government agencies. Administrative law judge mostly make a rule on preliminary motions.  It also conducts prehearing conferences. It issues the subpoenas and conducts the hearings, reviewing of the briefs and preparing and issuing the decisions.  The administrative law judges are employed by the Federal government throughout the United States. Cases which administrative law judge may deal with include cases to social security, energy, advertising, interstate commerce, banking, transportation, communication, antitrust, the environmental protection, housing and international trade to name but a few.  When applying for administrative law judge job, one must meet license and experience requirements.  One must pass the administrative law judge competitive examination.  One has to be licensed to practice law under the laws of the State in any territorial court which was established under United State constitution.  One must also own the current practicing license.  In order to qualify to be administrative law judge, one must have an experience of seven years. Some examples of the areas of experience are that the complaint was filed with the court and the charging was issued by the court.  These include preparing opinions, preparing the cases trials and hearing cases among many examples.  Qualified administrative law judge must involve formal rules like preparing and hearing of the trials.  The applicant sits for examination which its main purpose is to test the understanding skills and competence. 

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