Brooklyn law school is one of law school that is found in New York City in the United States. It was founded in 1901 this is through the effort of William Richardson and P. Heffley. The school started with five students only but as for the present, it has a capacity of about 1100 students. Brooklyn law school is located in the Brooklyn Heights.  About 94% Brooklyn law school students passed a bar exam in 2013. This remarkable performance made the school to become third best law school in New York. In 2014, nine months after graduation the statistics showed that out of 382 grandaunts only 38 graduates were unemployed and only 7 graduates who were not well known for their well about.  Graduates are said to have relocated to about 49 States and like 25 countries.  The National Law Journal ranked Brooklyn law school as position 36 nationwide. This was based on how the school sends a high percentage of graduates to law firms found in the United States. Brooklyn law school was accredited by American Bar Association and it is a well-known member of Association of American Law Schools. The Brooklyn law school curriculum is registered and approved by the New York State Education Department.  Brooklyn law school has opened doors to immigrants, women, and the minorities and has night classes for those who are employed in full-time jobs. The students who have challenges on paying tuition are allowed to enroll the classes on credit. Brooklyn law school was hardly struck by the World War II and the enrollment went down to 174 students in 1943. Brooklyn law school guarantee residence to all joining students. The school has around 64 full-time professors, a number of the adjunct faculty and around 6 emeriti faculty.  Brooklyn law school publishes its law journals. The school offers law seminars to students.

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