Right to bear firearms as guaranteed by 2nd amendment is one of the most fought rights in America. The right has been debated severally by politician and other heads since the time of memorial. Florida gun laws are rules that are designed to regulate the sale, possession and the use of firearms and the ammunition in Florida.  The licenses available for both residents and non-residents in Florida are the Shall Issue and Issues Concealed Carry.  Though most of the people have a license, they are not aware of what allows them to carry the firearms. Florida recognizes licenses from other States which recognize Florida license provided one has attained an age of 21 years or if the applicant is under 21 years of age but is a member of the US armed forces.  Florida is known to accommodate to guns by the national standards.  There are 56 laws in number that relate to owning, using and transporting guns.  The Florida gun law prohibits the localities in the regulation of the firearms with regard to zone laws.  The field of firearms regulations was occupied by Florida legislature from 1987 including the purchasing, transfer, manufacture, and ownership.  The regulations pertaining firearms are standard throughout Florida.

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