For the last 5 years, Mr Reginald Cooper, Mrs Christine Cooper and Ms Betsy Smith have been operating in a partnership. They have been carrying on their increasingly successful business trading in new and used Videos, CDs and DVDs under the name of ‘Treasure Trove’ with the slogan ‘You can bank on us’. The business is renowned for its stock of rare films and games, the specialist knowledge of the staff and the detailed databank, which has allowed them to source almost any film or game ever made. They are aware of the liability issues a partnership can bring, however, and thus now feel that it is time to incorporate their business. They also want to include the Cooper’s son, Gary, in the new company as he has shown an excellent understanding of the business and is renowned for his specialist knowledge in anime films. In preparation, they have filled in the incorporation documentation but want to check with you first whether the information they have provided is appropriate and likely to be accepted by the Registrar of Companies.