Georgetown law can also be called Georgetown University Law Center. It was started in 1870 and was first ran by Jesuit.  Georgetown law is found in the United States.  Georgetown law was separated from the main Georgetown campus in 1890. Georgetown is located in New Jersey Avenue north of Capitol. Georgetown law has been placed one of top fourteen law schools since the time of inception of law school magazine ranking.  The school is known for Jurisprudence degree, clinical programs, healthcare law and tax law to name but a few. Georgetown is 17th best law school in the whole world and 8th best in the United States.  The school receives more application in jurisprudence degree than any other university in United State. According to LSAT, Georgetown law was ranked as 10th selective law school in the United States. Upon graduation, 485 graduates out of 652 were held on long-term positions that required a pass of the bar exam. The starting salary for the graduates was approximately $180,000. The cost of attendance is $88,600. Georgetown law consists of five building, law center offices, and classrooms. The Georgetown is designed to assist in research and in educational endeavors. Jurisprudence degree in Georgetown law can be completed in a span of three years of the full-time studies or four years on a part-time basis. Georgetown has led in clinical legal education for many years. The school has established the run law journals and the peer-reviewed journals.

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