In January Advent Housing Corporation (Advent) hired Cheery Brothers Ltd (Cheery) to renovate their buildings with a view to sell to private owners. Advent was hoping to make an overall profit of £500,000 from the sale of the regenerated estate and improved flats. Cheery’s fee would be £100,000 including work and materials. While the two parties were still negotiating the details of the work to be undertaken, Advent hired machinery and started removing earth around the estate to prepare the ground for Cheery’s works. Cheery was aware that this work, costing Advent £15,000, was part of the overall regeneration project for the estate. The parties reached agreement in March, but upon arrival at the estate, Cheery’s directors realised that the estate could not be brought up to their exacting standards and decided to abandon the project, rather than do a bad job. Advent consequently had to put the flats up for sale without the benefit of renovation or area regeneration and made a profit of a mere £10,000. 
 Advise Advent. 
 -Was there a contract -Two parties were still negotiating -What remedies