Jordan is a famous director of musicals. In January 2008 she hired Fishy Ltd (Fishy) to create the stage sets for her new production starting in March 2008. Fishy would create 5 different stage sets for use in the musical at a total cost of £4 million. In February 2008, Fishy informed Jordan that it would be unable to complete the sets on schedule as one of its key workers had fallen ill. Jordan, fearing she would not be able to start on time, accepted that Fishy would create only 4 sets. Closer to the opening deadline, Jordan decided that she needed all sets as originally agreed and told Fishy that unless it performed fully, she would not pay Fishy a penny. Fishy, fearing the loss of the entire contract, managed to complete all 5 sets on time. It presented an invoice to Jordan, who nevertheless refused to pay the full amount, arguing that the musical was not well received by the public and that Fishy should share the loss. Fishy, having lost patience with Jordan, agreed to accept £2 million in full settlement. 
 Advise Fishy.