Liam was a keen collector of signed football stickers. Last Tuesday, his fiancée accidentally left open the front door of their house, and the wind blew away some of the stickers. When Liam discovered what had happened, he put up posters within a 1-mile radius of his house stating the following: “Lost: collectable football stickers from years 2008-2012, all original and signed by the footballers. Any stickers returned to me at this address will receive a £50 reward.” Margaret saw one of Liam’s posters and decided she would try to make some money. She went to the local corner shop and purchased an unsigned football sticker. At home, she scribbled a fake signature on the sticker with a green felt tip pen. In the fading light of the evening, Liam thought this was one of his stickers and gave Margaret the £50. The next morning, Liam realised that the sticker was not one of his collectable stickers so he contacted her to demand his money back. Margaret has refused to refund his £50 on the grounds that he had accepted the sticker she brought to him the previous evening. Liam’s neighbour, Norbert, found one of the stickers on his pathway one evening. Knowing that Liam is a keen collector, Norbert assumed the sticker must have belonged to him so immediately returned it to Liam. At that time Norbert was unaware of the reward on offer. 3 days later Norbert saw one of Liam’s posters and went round to demand his £50 reward. Liam refused to pay him. Orla had been visiting her Aunt in the area and saw one of the posters. As she was driving home, she saw what looked like one of the stickers on the road. She pulled over to pick it up, but did not have time to return back to Liam’s address in order to give it to him. Orla took the sticker home with her and then wrote a letter to Liam stating that she has his sticker and will return it for the £50 when she visits next Tuesday. Orla put this letter in the post on Thursday. Having seen one of Liam’s posters, Kamil spent a lot of time looking for Liam’s stickers. Kamil found one sticker earlier in the week on Wednesday; he kept that well looked after in his shoebox. On Saturday Kamil found another sticker. Unfortunately by Thursday evening, Liam had given up on the idea that any more stickers would be found. On Friday, he scribbled ‘offer cancelled’ across the face of the all the reward posters. This was the day before Kamil found the second sticker. When Kamil brought the 2 stickers to Liam, he was told that no reward would be given to him on the grounds that the offer had been withdrawn. When he received Orla’s letter on Monday, he wrote back to explain the offer was no longer open and he would not pay her the £50. Advise Liam on his liability to all the people above. Note: You do NOT need to consider the issue of mistake in your answer to the question above. Module code and title: LW4001 Contract Law