Model answer on misrepresentation Question: Claudine is a builder and requires materials for a conservatory roof she is building. She is informed by Roofit & Co that they can provide the materials and suggest that Claudine use glass incorporating the latest technology: glass that is only 5mm in thickness but which provides all the heat and security benefits of glass that is 50mm in thickness. In order to ensure that this glass is appropriate for the conservatory roof, Claudine telephones the glass manufacturers, Pilkers Ltd, and their salesman confirms its suitability. Roofit & Co possess the most recent manual for this type of glass which notifies the reader that this glass is not suitable for conservatory roofs. However, Roofit & Co have never read this manual. Claudine also has a copy of this manual but has never read it either. Claudine is impressed by this type of glass and decides to order all her materials from Roofit & Co, who offer her a 20% discount for a bulk order. However, after fitting it to the roof, a bird sits on the glass and the glass shatters into pieces, falling onto Claudine and injuring her badly. She is prevented from working for six months and her customer refuses to pay. This leads to Claudine losing a lucrative contract and future business. Advise Claudine on her claim against Roofit & Co.