Offer and Acceptance Question: On 1st May Aga decides to sell her collection of pots. She places an advert in the local paper, ‘Beautiful Arden pot for Sale. £500 or nearest offer.’ She includes her telephone number, email address and postal address on the advert. On 2nd May Beatrice emails Aga saying, ‘I will buy the pot for £450.’ Aga replies saying, ‘I will take £475 but please let me know by 5pm today as another customer is calling to see the pot tomorrow.’ Beatrice immediately emails back asking if Aga will accept payment by cheque. By 4.30pm she has not heard from Aga so sends a further email to say she will buy the pot for £475. Aga’s internet connection is lost that afternoon and Aga does not get this email until it is reconnected on 5th May. On 3rd May Chad calls Aga and says he will buy the pot for £400 but Aga says she would not take less than £475. Chad says he will think about this. Later that day Chad writes to Aga saying he will pay £475 but the letter is misaddressed and never arrives. On 4th May Aga sells the pot to Didier for £500. Didier, a friend of Beatrice, meets her on 5th May and tells her of his luck in getting the pot. Beatrice is upset as the pot would complete her Arden Collection. Advise Aga.