Practicing law institute was established in 1933. It is a non-profit organization that   offers legal education to the lawyers who are admitted to the bar and are interested in learning the elements of the practicing in the legal field.  Harold Seligson who was a lawyer in New York came up with an idea of practicing law after seeing the transition of apprenticeship to the formal school of law.   The lawyers founded a series of law lectures that was called the practicing law courses.  Practicing law institute was fully chartered in 1939 by Regents of State of the New York.   The institute was in a place to enjoy some historical forces like New Deal and federal regulation of the business activity it has inspired. Practicing law institute offers pro bono programs and the scholarships to both lawyers and students who face financial challenges. In the year 2012, about 26,000 students were awarded scholarship.  Anita C. Shapiro was installed as practicing law institute fifth president by the board of trustees in 2015 where she was later succeeded by Victor R. who was approved unanimously as President Emeritus.  Practicing law institute programs are held in places like California, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, and Hong Kong among others. 

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